Houston ISD

Alcott Elementary

Almeda Elementary

Anderson Elementary Dual Language School

Adam Elementary

Ashford Elementary

Askew Elementary

Atherton Elementary

Attucks Middle School

Austin High School

Barrick Elementary

Bastian Elementary

Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan

Bell Elementary

Bellaire High School

Benavidez Elementary

Bellfort Early Childhood

Benbrook Elementary

Billy Reagan K8 Education Center

Berry Elementary

Black Middle School

Bonham Elementary

Blackshear Elementary

Bonner Elementary

Arabic Immersion Magnet School

Briargrove Elementary

Briarmeadow Charter

Briscoe Elementary

Brookline Elementary

Browning Elementary

Bruce Elementary

Burbank Elementary

Burbank Middle School

Burnet Elementary

Burrus Elementary

Bush Elementary

Cage Elementary

Carnegie Vanguard High School

Carrillo Elementary

Challenge Early College High School

Clemente Martinez Elementary

Chavez High School

Clifton Middle School

Codwell Elementary

Condit Elementary

Cook Elementary

Cornelius Elementary

Coop Elementary

Crespo Elementary

Crockett Elementary

Cullen Middle School

Cunningham Elementary

Daily Elementary

De Anda Elementary

Davila Elementary

De Chaumes Elementary

De Zavala Elementary

Deady Middle School

Debakey High School for Health Professions

Dogan Elementary

Durkee Elementary

Durham Elementary

East Early College High School

Edison Middle School

Eliot Elementary

Eastwood Academy High School

Elmore Elementary

Elrod Elementary

Emerson Elementary

Energized for Excellence Academy Inc.

Energy Institute High School

Field Elementary

Farias Early Childhood Center

Fleming Middle School

Foerster Elementary

Fondren Elementary

Fonville Middle School

Fondren Middle School

Fonwood Early Childhood Center

Forest Brook Middle School

Foster Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Frost Elementary

Gallegos Elementary

Furr High School

Garcia Elementary

Garden Oaks Montessori

Garden Villas Elementary

Golfcrest Elementary

Gregory-Lincoln Education Center

Gregg Elementary

Grissom Elementary

Gross Elementary

Hamilton Middle School

Haplin Early Childhood Center

Hartman Middle School

Harper Alternative

Hartsfield Elementary

Harvard Elementary

Heights High School

Helms Elementary

Herod Elementary

Henry Middle School

Herrera Elementary

High School Ahead Academy Middle School

High School for Law and Justice

High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

Highland Heights Elementary

Hines-Caldwell Elementary

Hilliard Elementary

Hobby Elementary

Hogg Middle School

Holland Middle School

Horn Elementary

Houston Academy for International Studies

Isaacs Elementary

J.P. Henderson Elementary

Janowski Elementary

John R. Harris Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Jones Futures Academy

Jordan High School

Kandy Stripe Academy

Kashmere Gardens Elementary

Kelso Elementary

Kashmere High School

Kennedy Elementary

Ketelsen Elementary

Key Middle School

Lamar High School

Kolter Elementary

Lanier Middle School

Las Americas

Lantrip Elementary

Laurenzo Early Childhood Center

Lawson Middle School

Law Elementary

Lewis Elementary

Lockhart Elementary

Liberty High School

Long Academy

Looscan Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Lovett Elementary

Love Elementary

Lyons Elementary

MacGregor Elementary

Mading Elementary

Madison High School

Mandarin Immersion Magnet School

Marshall Middle School

Marshall Elementary

Martin Luther King Jr. Early Childhood Center

McGowen Elementary

McNamara Elementary

McReynolds Middle School

Meyerland Middle School

Memorial Elementary

Mickey Leland College Prepartory Academy for Young Men

Middle College High School at HCC Gulfton

Middle College High School at HCC Felix Fraga

Milne Elementary

Milby High School

Mistral Early Childhood Center

Mitchell Elementary

Montgomery Elementary

Moreno Elementary

Mount Carmel Academy

Navarro Middle School

N.Q. Henderson Elementary

Neff Early Learning Center

Neff Elementary

North Forest High School

Northline Elementary

North Houston Early College High School

Northside High School

Oak Forest Elementary

Oates Elementary

Ortiz Middle School

Osborne Elementary

Paige Elementary

Park Place Elementary

Parker Elementary

Patterson Elementary

Peck Elementary

Pilgrim Academy

Petersen Elementary

Pin Oak Middle School

Piney Point Elementary

Pleasantville Elementary

Poe Elementary

Project Chrysalis Middle School

Port Houston Elementary

Pugh Elementary

Raul C. Martinez Elementary

Red Elementary

Revere Middle School

Reynolds Elementary

Roberts Elementary

River Oaks Elementary IB World School

Robinson Elementary

Rodriguez Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Roland P. Harris Elementary

Ross Elementary

Rucker Elementary

Sam Houston MSTC High School

Sanchez Elementary

Scarborough High School

School at St. George Place

Scroggins Elementary

Seguin Elementary

Shadydale Elementary

Shadowbriar Elementary

Sharpstown High School

Shearn Elementary

Sharpstown International School

Sherman Elementary

Smith Elementary

Sinclair Elementary

Southmayd Elementary

South Early College High School

Sterling Aviation High School

Stevens Elementary

Stevenson Middle School

Stevenson Middle School

Sugar Grove Academy Middle School

T.H. Rogers School

Sutton Elementary

Tanglewood Middle School

The Rusk School

The Rice School

Thompson Elementary

Thomas Middle School

Tijerina Elementary

Tinsley Elementary

Travis Elementary

Twain Elementary

Valley West Elementary

Walnut Bend Elementary

Wainwright Elementary

Washington High School

Waltrip High School

Welch Middle School

West Briar Middle School

Wesley Elementary

West University Elementary

Westbury High School

Wheatley High School

Wharton Dual Language Academy

Whidby Elementary

White E Elementary

White M Elementary

Whittier Elementary

Wilson Montessori

Williams Middle School

Windsor Village Vanguard Magnet

Woodson School

Wisdom High School

Worthing High School

Yates High School

Young Elementary

Young Learners

Young Women's College Preparatory Academy

Young Scholars Academy for Excellence